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We are a community-driven initiative that helps fellow students access the past papers and resources they need irrespective of their financial means.


Our resources are continually updated to give new and current IB students an updated analysis of the best materials available.

Who Are We?

The Shanghai Alevel Academy is an independent college situated in the heart of
Shanghai. Our aim is to offer a wide range of subjects, in personalised and focused
classroom environment.
We are unique, as we are dedicated to working with upper high school students
only. We have also decided to focus on AS (year 1) and A2 (year 2) examinations, as
they are both rigorous and more widely accepted by universities than the IB
In addition to the academic, we also have built in a compulsory community, sport
and service programs to help develop the whole student.
If your child wants a school dedicated to their specific needs, please get in touch.
John WoodberryMA Bath)

Customer Feedback

When we moved to Shanghai my daughter Rebecca Phillips started the IB program in an international school however after 4 weeks she realised that the program was not suited to her. We then started to look for an alternative for Rebecca; this is when we found the option of taking ALevels in Shanghai. They offered a wide range of subjects and were very helpful. Rebecca is now in the process of completing her ALevels and is very happy with her subjects and her tutors. She enjoys the lessons and feels like the tutors really care about helping her to achieve her potential
Cheryl Freeman Phillips - Parent

I started the IB at an international school in Shanghai but the course did not suit me; I found it very difficult to study so many subjects in detail. I am really enjoying my ALevel subjects and am very glad that I changed to doing ALevels instead of the IB. There are a wide range of subjects to choose from and the tutors are so helpful; they really take the time to make sure I understand the topics we are covering in my lessons. In the run up to my exams the tutors were very keen to help me with past exam questions and gave me valuable exam tips
Rebecca Phillips - Student